"I have considerable experience with Mr. Sommer over the years and have always found him to be extremely well prepared,honest and professional.His reputation is outstanding and I believe he ranks among the finest,fairest and most trustworthy attorneys in our business."
Dick Carroll
Carroll, Kelly, Trotter, Franzen & McKenna

“Harrison ranks among the best mediators I have encountered in my 32 years of practice.  He is honest, smart, prepared, experienced, and hard working.  Several years ago, I watched his considerable trial skills, when I sat as an arbitrator in a wrongful death medical malpractice case. Recently, he mediated a medical malpractice brain injury case for me, in which he quickly understood the complex medical issues, skillfully ran the negotiations and ultimately settled a case that had difficulties for both sides.  I give him the highest marks and whole-heartedly recommend him.”
Bruce Bunch
Contos & Bunch

“I have observed Harrison's conduct over the years in negotiations and cross examinations.  I have been opposite to his side many times yet have always felt he was fair and respectful.  He has the reputation of being reasonable. These qualities will assist him in being an effective mediator.”
Ted Vavoulis, Economist

Vavoulis & Weiner, LLC

"Because of his honesty and integrity, I would trust Harrison with any mediation.  When doing his best to settle my case, Harrison will always tell me the straight story, whether I want to hear it or not."
Stephen Harber
McCune & Harber LLP

“I have been in thousands of mediations in my role of a structured settlement consultant, and have watched Harrison numerous times settle difficult cases representing injured plaintiffs. I have never failed to be impressed with his ability to understand the process and obtain the best results for his client while gaining the respect of opposing counsel and claims professionals.”
Len Blonder
EPS Settlements

"We will all benefit from Harrison's plunge into mediation.  He was a superb trial lawyer, but more importantly a man of integrity and true to his word.  Always the consummate professional, he had the ability to get his clients and opposing counsel to identify the issues, acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of their positions and properly value their case. He is always a pleasure to be around and a true credit to the profession."
Tom McAndrews
Reback, McAndrews & Kjar

"I was initially wary of the defense suggestion of Harrison as mediator only because we all tend to be skeptical of the other side's choice. After researching Harrison's qualifications and values, I agreed and have no regrets. He did an excellent job in helping to resolve the case."
David L. Roark
Law Offices of David L. Roark